Profitable long-term investments

You've saved some money but don't need it in a hurry? Invest it to make it grow. If you are one of those investors who are afraid of losing the money invested, then the capital guaranteed investment for a long-term profitable investment is for you.

Principle of capital guaranteed investment

The investor himself chooses the legal basis of the investment, the type of underlying, the risk/return ratio, the development of the investment value, its maturity, etc., according to his needs and his own market expectations. At the end of the investment period, which generally lasts from 3 to 6 years, and depending on the performance of the investor's underlying (shares, stock market indices, basket of indices or shares), two situations may arise:
  • Either the investor recovers his initial capital plus an amount of interest or return linked to the positive performance of the underlying,
  • In the event of an unfavourable market for the Underlying and despite the fact that the Investor's market shares decrease in value compared to their initial value, the Investor is secure in the knowledge that he will always recover his total or partial capital according to the formula he has chosen. In the case of partially guaranteed capital investments, the guarantee of the contract is that the investor does not lose more than 60% of the initial capital. In response to this partial guarantee, the Guaranteed Investment offers the investor a higher return.

Total Guaranteed Investment and Life Insurance

Life insurance with euro funds is an investment with capital protection. The subscriber recovers 100% of his capital if he does not make any withdrawals for a minimum period of 8 years and the insurer guarantees the insured that the value of the contract after maturity is approximately equivalent to the initial capital after deduction of the various savings costs.  It is a profitable and secure investment over the long term. However, in case of withdrawal before financial maturity of the savings, the guarantee is not guaranteed and the subscriber may lose his capital due to high exit costs.

Mutual fund with guaranteed capital

It is a financial instrument of the capital guaranteed investment resulting from co-ownership of the underlying assets (shares or bonds) that make up the mutual fund. The guaranteed capital is equal to the capital invested plus the performance of the mutual funds invested. The BNP Paribas bank offers this type of investment with a very high performance on the mutual funds invested.
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Different types of assets for a long-term investment

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