Tips and best practices to better manage your actions

Managing actions requires analysis. It is essential to look at the intervention of social networks. Indeed, the intervention of social network management tools is recommended. Finally comes the establishment of an editorial calendar.

A basic strategy: the use of social networks

For the management of any action, it is preferable to always dive into an investigation in order to acquire information. Social networks are among the communication tools that are of primary importance. A simple and small investment makes it possible to participate in them. You only have to ask a few very specific questions about what you want to exploit. Thus, a few questions deserve to be studied: what is the subject? What is the context on which it is based? How should it be dealt with? What are the means of production or the tools needed to achieve it? Indeed, we can list the main social networks: Buddies from before, Twitter, Space, etc.. The networks to be chosen depend on the nature of the subject to be treated. If possible, make sure you choose one network, not several. This is done to avoid incoherent and chaotic communication. To do this, the design work will begin, a priori, based on the analysis of the information acquired. Apart from social networks, it is even more beneficial to strengthen them through the various related publications. This second instrument is to be proposed with the aim of ultimately achieving, if not the confrontation of ideas drawn from them, then complementarity.

Drawing up an editorial calendar

When working effectively on the social web, one must design an editorial calendar. You can choose Excel, or just choose other tools, all means are good. The main thing is to get down to writing the written work. Of course, this work remains a foundation of communication, from which, we gradually welcome other complementary publications acquired. In the meantime - here, we make sure that the file always has one tab per social network already listed above. In this way, we benefit from the continuous communication. In principle, it is used firstly to build customer loyalty and secondly to organize the marketing strategy. In this case, then, one is committed to a good programming of the publications. It should be noted that this editorial calendar is by no means a simple file allowing to mention a few points to be exploited or comprising only the working method. It really appears to be a planning tool, from which we can target the buyer profiles. With this process, one has the chance to make the most of the photo and the article that can make the most of the action. In short, the term "editorial calendar" evokes an idea of editorial planning. Of course, in order to better follow this editorial calendar, it is wise to also design a program of investments for the future.

Setting up an editorial schedule

Editorial planning draws its source from the conception of a pre-planned schedule. Before any operation, the needs are anticipated according to the goal to be achieved. The thematic details of the various customer requirements are mentioned. The schedule also presents the division of labour in detail. Without a doubt, julien vautel follows the outlined process to the letter in order to be able to better manage his actions. Of course, the planning he draws is generally scheduled either monthly, quarterly or even annually. The editorial planning commits to procuring in advance the subjects to be dealt with, then to be able to work on the graphic work without too many worries or embarrassments. In truth, steering the strategy requires a kind of roadmap. The advantages of setting up an editorial planning system are many and varied. We can point out the time saved in writing the various ideas in order to be able to boost referencing. In other words, the fact of reaching the first page of search engines depends on the qualitative nature of the implementation of the editorial planning. There also comes a point when the goal is reached once the editorial content coincides with exclusive events. For example, if a craftsman manages to release editorial publications before the advent of certain event dates, he will sow impressive returns thanks to the action of his social networks.

The use of different management tools

Once we manage to design precisely what we want to exploit, the first necessity is to equip ourselves with the tools to carry out the strategy. Each tool has its own functionalities. Some have the ability to plan; others provide automation to actions. When the subject to be dealt with is designed, a few management tools remain at one's disposal, such as Agora Pulse, Buffer, or HootSuite. In any case, one tool may be enough. Also, a question may unintentionally arise: "What is the general purpose of this social media management tool?‚ÄČ"These tools have the ability to control the media business, such as Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, etc. These different tools still allow you to benefit from time savings. Each tool is equipped with a scheduling system that gives the possibility to accomplish a particular functionality. Each of them then has the property of classifying the elements according to their degree of importance. In order to achieve the goal, future-oriented investments must still be designed as before.
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