How do you get off to a good start in the stock market?

Published on : 23 June 20202 min reading time

You have money and you don’t know how to invest it. You’ve heard from someone that investing in the stock market can be an interesting way to fluctuate your money. Thanks to the Internet and a stockbroker, it is possible to make your investments yourself. Here is a guide to get started investing.

Choosing a stockbroker

If you have chosen to invest in the stock market on your own you will necessarily have a stockbroker. It is he who will carry out the various buy and sell transactions. The operation of a stockbroker is as follows: he will make available a site where you will make your registration by agreeing to place your fund which you will then use for the various transactions. For each transaction, the stockbroker collects brokerage fees. It is necessary to make a judicious choice when choosing a stock exchange broker, it is necessary to compare offers, services and different fees. Namely, the minimum deposit varies from one broker to another it can be 1000, 5000 euros or even 10 000 euros.

As an example there are Boursorama, BforBank, Each site is different from another, some are easy to use, others are not.

Which stock market trader?

Before investing in the stock market, it is also necessary for you to choose among investment vehicles such as stocks which is no longer to be explained, but there are also the forex or currency markets, commodity markets, stock index markets.

The foreign exchange market is ideal to introduce you to investing in the stock market. It consists of exchanging currency. It is easy to understand and allows even with a small background to start.

The commodities market includes various markets such as oil, gold, etc..

The market of stock market indices which includes three indices: main, sectorial, regional indices.

The choice of techniques

To enable you to make considerable gains, the stockbroker you have chosen will make all the necessary information available to you. But your gain will depend on your choices, more precisely on your technique.

To start adopting trend monitoring. It is the least complex technique to start with. A stock that is constantly rising is unlikely to fall suddenly. There are also many other techniques that you can master over time.

Choosing the right stockbroker
The best investments for different budgets

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